Black Mask: my opinion on the black face mask

It's the first time I decided to leave a comment, because the black mask simply amazed me with its effect.

I am far from my 15 years old, but after the birth of my baby I came across a problem, shingles and blackheads began to appear in large numbers, apparently pregnancy, breastfeeding, hormonally changed my body, hence my skin problems begin. My whole face turned gray because of the abundance of black dots. I can't afford a cosmetologist financially, that's why I found the comments of a product like Black Mask for the face on the world wide web and decided to purchase it safely.

It was not easy to make the decision, firstly I decided to know the opinions of real buyers in the forums and various sites, this mask occupies one of the first places in the rating of cosmetic products against the skin problem, those who have used this method were very satisfied, and only talk about positive results.

The final decision helped me to take the natural composition of this product, since I have a small baby, I want to surround it with only natural and good things.

Also the photographs of the girls who have used this product for the face, simply had perfect skins.

I ordered a black mask on the manufacturer's official website as an effective way to obtain an original product.

Very quickly I got the mask, in a very nice packet of black color, inside there were 5 bags of the same color, inside which was the mask, and they are to be used only once. I think that if the skin is not very problematic you can use more than once each mask, but the effect will certainly not be so obvious.

I immediately washed my face and decided to put Black Mask on my face.

I did everything according to the instructions and after 40 minutes my face was by far cleaner, it wasn't so gray anymore, it was cooler and the mask was quite dirty, not only the black spots were gone, but also the dead skin, I was very surprised, it turned out to be a miraculous method for the face that really works! everything good they say about him is a reality.

This black mask has a single point against it, it doesn't smell as good, and it's not so easy to remove, sometimes it feels like the skin is stretched and it's a little uncomfortable to feel. But in my opinion, going to a facial cleansing cosmetologist is 10 times less pleasant, and the effect is the same.

In the box with the mask there are instructions for use, everything is as simple as using any other facial cleansing mask.

First of all, the face must be cleaned of all dirt and makeup. You can do the following, put the face on a bowl with hot water and cover it with a towel, so that the vapors bathe the whole face, this procedure can be done for 10 minutes.

Then remove the face carefully and apply the black mask to the most problematic areas. At first I had to apply the mask all over my face, because I had black spots everywhere. The next few times I didn't need so much product anymore, because every time my face was transformed.

Applying the Black Mask to the face is quite pleasant, without any discomfort.

With the black mask you have to have it about 30 minutes, until it dries completely on the face, the thicker the layer, will be slower drying, my opinion is that it is longer, but at least is more effective.

Remove it from the chin to the forehead, where the skin is thinner, it should be pulled a little bit, but it is fast.

If there are parts of the mask left on your face that cannot be removed, simply wash it with water.

Right after this procedure you can feel the difference, the skin became softer and more pleasant to the touch, and looked much better.

After two weeks of using Black Mask I had a skin on my face that was simply ideal.

In the first week I wore the mask 3 times, in the second week I wore it 2 times, and if that way I occupied the 5 bags to have an ideal face, the manufacturer calculated everything very well.

Negative opinions about this face mask are practically non-existent, now I understand why.

I've read that you can make this mask at home, but I doubt very much that the effect will come close.

The composition of Black Mask is natural, all components are favorable to the body. That's why even for my skin, which is very prone to allergies, I get it perfectly.

The composition includes bamboo charcoal that cleans perfectly, also has NEOVITIN bio-oxidant complex that tones and regenerates skin cells.

In addition to these components, it has aquatic hemp extract that eliminates irritation and inflammation, as well as kaolin that stimulates the

Black Mask

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